How to make money with a blog for beginners

Do you know, you can earn extra money from home without any investment, without any extra boss and extra target? Yes, you got it right. In today’s era internet technology has immense potential in it which you can unleash it to make your yearly income into six figures. Guess what, it’s completely online effort and the quick way of earning money till date.

Let’s discuss & unlock the buzz of How to earn money from home without any investment. We will now aware you of the world wherein you will be boss of your own. You can make money online in India from any part of the world. You just have to write & execute it’s promotion as a blog. It’s the time when you work for your own identity to earn money from home without any investment.

Ever wondered to start a blog online; a way to make money online in India without quitting you full-time employment? Don’t forget you are not alone in this dream run, there are millions who are already in the race & few potential athletes too. But nothing to panic if you have the passion of earning money via blogs.

What all you need to start a blog?

Blogging is not any rocket science to execute it. Being one the leading quick way to earn money, blogging just needs punctuality, dedication, and discipline; that too from your spare time.

Check out these guided steps recommended by expert bloggers to make maximum money out of a blog.

     1. Choose a topic:-

Think of the topic which you fond of or your target audience is interested to read. Curate all your blog content including creatives, graphics or videos around the same theme. Carry forward the concept across the blog.

This is mutually beneficial for you as well as your website visitors as it sustains your focus on writing the concepts of your blog more deepen which eventually will ping the interest of your website visitors. The best part is this increases the percentage of returning visitors as they can be a permanent subscribed member of your blog & finally a master control on bounce rate of traffic.

    2.Plan a monthly Bucket:-

Here comes a measure of your dedication & punctuality. Prepare a plan of posting a blog for a month in advance at least, will insist you post regularly on decided topic for the day without a miss. Now, more the new & fresh content, more the traffic & Yes, more the earnings.

The monthly bucket will act as a planned calendar for your daily blog posts which in advance will deal with all the crux like the topic of blog to be posted on a respective day, be connected with your previous postings, write with a decided theme and this will create curiosity among the visitors of what next?

    3.Name your website:-

An identity is a key! You need a unique domain which is relevant to your blog theme & concept. Never forget thumb-rule while booking the domain is that it must be short & crisp. This will help a user to directly land to your blog via any gadgets and also this is considered SEO friendly means, these domain structures are easy to rank on major search engines with targeted specific keywords.

Always remember, the domain name is the very first initial which recalls your audience every-time to visit your blog. Discuss with your peers, give a thought of yours & book that unique name to your blog.

Once you are done with domain booking, opt the hosting services which provide a licensed space to your domain on the cloud. Selection of hosting services will totally depend on your budget. Cross check the reviews of the service provider once you finalize the same.

4. Install Google Analytics & Webmaster:-

Once you are ready to live your blog, be informed that you can’t miss this codes on every page of your blog to track the website visitors & the relevant stats like page session, bounce rate, website page visit, geolocation traffic analysis & likewise reports which will help you to formulate your writing & marketing strategy.


These are free services from Google & you get a code that is highly recommended to install under the head tag of your website so that it is automatically copied to the new blog posted without any concern. Google Webmaster will help in the organic promotion of your website & from this tool you can submit your website to Google for caching & check regularly if there are any errors. This also prevents your website been hacked.

5. Regularly build content:-

If you have successfully applied all the above steps, it says your blog is live now! It’s a reminder step for earning money online from home & it proposes that keep your head high, have patience initially to earn for the long term. Don’t miss the regular postings & especially your monthly bucket.

Always remember, this is your dream run & you need to chase it patiently & strategically.

6. Go Social:-

Unfurl your social marketing by creating account & brand pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google Plus & keep sharing your blogs on these channels as postings. Participate in various social groups & forums, keep sharing your links while discussion.

This results as the enhanced reach of your blog & its link among the existing & potential visitors f your website which definitely will yield with maximized clicks on your blog, and now you know- More the traffic, higher is the earnings.

7. Start Marketing:-

Apart from social media marketing, there is much scope in both organic & paid marketing. Although marketing is a form of investment which guarantees the optimum ROI if applied effectively. There are activities to gain traffic from marketing initiatives like SEO, PPC, Facebook paid campaigns, etc.

These are recommended when you looking forward to an instant response to your blog & boost the traffic with exploded structure.

8. Start Earning:-

Once you have enough traffic which is an eligibility criterion to register your website with earning platforms like Google Ad-sense and likewise, incorporate your blog profile to those platforms for maximum earning. Every platform has their own model of payout for blog owners. Few ask for traffic on the website, few look after clicks on the ad displayed through them on your website, etc.

Conclusion:- Isn’t this as simple as you thought to earn money quickly.

Here we covered how you can earn online without investment. The asset which you discovered is termed as Blog. We guided you with major steps to start earning online through blogs & the best part is this you can do with your full-time job. You just need to utilize your spare time each day. So, let’s move a step ahead & take the bold decisions now. Recite your success in currencies.

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