Learn How to Earn Money Online from Home in India

Earning money online from home in India has taken steps ahead drastically from last year. It’s not the same and is not limited to experts or experienced. Indian technology infrastructure has yielded opportunity for home based entrepreneurs which enables the capability of hunting various ways to make money online in India.

Though, we can not ignore the fact that reduced cost of cellular data services has also provided us with golden opportunity to enhance our marketing campaign reach as we have now healthy number of active internet users all across the India. Basically our bucket size of audience has increased.

This is considered as prime reason for accelerated earnings of online bloggers as entrepreneurs. Since it explored ways to make extra money apart from their fixed salary from full time job. So, I guess you would be highly interested to join this earning campaign via writing blogs. Be informed, writing blog is an activity but making money out of it is the key.

Blogging has become so popular, in fact most preferred way to make money online in India, and why not? It deserves to be one the best campaign from the checklist of ways to make extra money in addition to your fixed salary.

Now the question raises, how to monetize your blog and how to earn money online from home in India? How can you nurture your blog that it produces extra bucks which can lead you a luxury lifestyle? Let’s check out these selected methods from online blogging experts to make maximum out of your blog-

For existing bloggers, it is highly recommended to get rid of traditional structure of making money since you must have faced drop in revenue. This is because it’s the high time you change your blog design, optimize as per your marketing aspects and choose the best effective partners for earning from your blog.

Ways to make extra money from your blog:-

In case your contextual advertising from your blog is not working, let’s adopt the direct advertisements or also you can go for affiliate marketing. Think strategically, what is better for you, earning from 1 high paying ad or running 4 low paying ads?

1- In Text Advertising:-

Though this is for niche marketing but in case you are looking for in text advertising, leave all the manual approaches and incorporate a tool named as Vigilink. This helps to monetize your outbound links from the blog. This is well known as performance oriented ad network and best way to make extra money from referral marketing.

2- Affiliate Advertisements:-

If your blog helped to make even a single sale through this advertisement, trust me, you are gonna make more bucks as compared to several clicks on the banner ads placed on your blog. This is best rate and highly profitable avenue adopted by top bloggers all across. Some highly preferred affiliate networks where you can register your blog are

  • Amazon Affiliate program
  • ShareASale
  • Growsumo
  • ImpactRadius
  • Awin
  • Commission Junction

3- Referral Income:-

Refer your readers to your advertisers and make instant dollars into your pocket. This earning strategy highly depends on the type of content published on your blog. Keep check that referring traffic to other link every-time may lead to a negative impression for your blog, so maintain the balance of referring the traffic & retaining the traffic.

4- Direct Advertisements:-

Adsense! Yes, here comes the giant which is best known platform to earn extra money online in India. Without a doubt, this is highly preferred and recommended. But then, you can not ignore the limitations, so adhere to their policies strictly. Also, you can not miss a catch that there is limitation in the earning too as far as pay per click ads are considered.

Alternatively you can try another highly adopted ad network namely AdClerks.

5-Paid Reviews:-

Ever heard of this way of boosting your income from your blog? A rapid way of making dollars just for a small review post. Provided that your blog is in healthy condition as far as number of visitors, sessions are considered with your domain authority. These factors will help you to earn in more numbers as your asset will be appealing for ad networks. Check these below mentioned wherein you can have paid review earning opportunities-

  • Sponsored reviews
  • Famebit (For YouTuber channels)
  • Izea Pay per post
  • Tomoson
  • Revcontent

6- Promote Your Services / Skill Sets / Expertise / Offerings:-

Never forget, its your own shop and you can showcase whatever you want without any objection since you are boss of your own but maintaining the user experience of your readers.

You can sell your services for your blogs and the services may be like logo designing, SEO services, website development, content writing, and so on.

There is proven record where bloggers have been earning extra money online by selling their services from their blogs. In other terms, the service brands who write blogs and promote as company, they term this strategy as content marketing.

These above mentioned ideas have been working great and helping the bloggers to earn extra and much more money than expected. You can choose the best one suited for you as per your readers and blog content. Never miss to keep remind of your user expectation from you, hence you need to choose only the ad networks which doesn’t bother the feelgood of your readers. Eventually, your readers are your income source.

If you are an starter, don’t panic; these are easy to follow and adopt into. Just follow the steps as guided and you will be an expert guiding your peer circle one day!

Once you sort the relevant one for your blog & incorporate the same, do let me know which one suited you the most?

Bonus Tip:- Never hesitate to try one or another strategy for earning money from your blog. Settle only for the method which yields you the most. Try all and then select!

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